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Adelaide Writers Week, 2014

March 13, 2014

I just came back from the amazing Writers Week at the Adelaide Festival (Feb 28-March 5). I held my ground, an old white guy talking about feces and science amidst the adoring fans of Elizabeth Gilbert, Eleanor Catton and Alexander McCall Smith. My Adelaide Diary looked something like this:        

Midnight recovery from 6-hour adrenaline rush of Roman Tragedies, the Dutch adaptation of Coriolanus, Julius Caesar and Anthony & Cleopatra. Best Shakespeare ever!

Try not to feel old. Google Paul Willis, who will interrogate me on stage.

Get picture taken with the world’s oldest turd (over 500 million years!). Buy Tim Winton’s new book (not available in Canada). Ask Richard Flanagan how, coming from generations of conscientious objectors, I can honour dead soldiers and those who suffered.

Google Richard Fidler, who will interview me on ABC.  

 Sell extra books I brought (to whom? leave them as a tip for room service?). Suppress jealousy of long line-ups of adoring readers wanting to get signatures from Eleanor Catton and Elizabeth Gilbert. Come to terms with being old white man who wrote a book on feces. Buy books by women writers not Gilbert or Catton.

Google Zoë Ferraris.

Deliver live-streaming RiAUS talk to educators on teaching schoolkids about shit. Come to terms with talking to a virtual, perhaps nonexistent, audience. Google RiAUS.

Google Anomalocaris, that produced oldest turd.

 Explore Garden of Unearthly Delights and Gluttony for several hours. Try not to be sentimental. Come to terms with sore feet. Google weather, Toronto: minus 20. Buy two bottles Australian red wine not available in Canada. Try not to drink all the wine before leaving for home.

 The last day, I  had an entertaining conversation with Richard Fidler on the Australian Broadcasting System (ABC) – to hear the whole interview, check the podcast here.



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