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Cricket Farming and Crunchy Snacks

June 25, 2015

June 24 – Drove out to Next Millennium Farms (, near Peterborough, Ontario. Environmental activism and protest transformed into action to create alternatives to big-eco-footprint agriculture. Their website says that “Our products will create “Geoentomarians”, consumers whose food choices respect and enhance the preservation of the environment.” Okay, I can buy that. But can I eat insects? My imagination balks. Spirit is willing etc. I have been on a lot of livestock farms – beef and dairy cattle, chickens, turkeys, ducks. I do like the companionship of cows, and am happy to sometimes enable them to fulfill part of their ecologically important job descriptions, but a cricket farm is a whole new, fun experience, especially when there’s a room of mature males chorusing for mates, quite a different sound from the sensuous bellow of cattle in heat. Compact farming in a converted chicken barn, a slightly earthy scent in the tropical air, certainly not the strong scents of cattle or chicken or pig dung. I ate my first crickets – tried out my first roasted crickets – some straight from the ovens, some flavoured (BBQ, Honey Mustard, Moroccan) before roasting. Once I got past the eyes and legs and the “idea” of bugs, and popped them into my mouth, guess what: they tasted (as Darren said), like food. A little nutty. I had expected the legs to stick in my teeth, or some gag reflex, but it all crunched up nicely. Healthy snackfood, high in protein, omega 3 fatty acids, B vitamins, calcium, iron. The meal worms, higher in (good) fat, had a slightly richer flavour, like eating potato chips. Hey, if this is the future, I’m fine with it!


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