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In the Works

The following books are written and looking for publishers.

Coming Home

The discovery of a frozen butcher cradling a cow’s head leads to uncovering a smuggling ring bringing drugs from Mexico into Canada, using horses and cows as camouflage. The police are tracking this and are close to breaking the case. The smugglers are also bringing valuable cattle into the country as part of an embryo-transfer business. The cows are incubating mad cow disease, which is being transmitted to people. Both the police and the smugglers, for different reasons, want to suppress this information. Veterinarian Abner Dueck, who has recently returned from two years in Indonesia, pursues the case, putting himself and his loved ones at risk.

The InterPandemic

In Indonesia, an investigator uncovers collusion between government officials and a livestock company, TLC, to cover up a rapidly fatal influenza in chickens. The investigator is murdered. In Canada, veterinarian Abner Dueck is on contract to TLC, and discovers that chickens are dying of unknown causes on one of their farms. Ab’s fiancé Sarah, who works as a veterinary public health specialist, hears reports of people dying in Vancouver and several other parts of the world from a previously unseen form of influenza. TLC is expanding operations in Southeast Asia in preparation for launching into the newly opening Chinese markets. Ab realizes that someone in the company will do anything, including murder, to cover up the spread of the disease. He fears that the person responsible is an Indonesian ex-girlfriend, Nancy Martono.

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