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Complete Tante Tina

The Complete Tante Tina: Mennonite Blues and Recipes (Pandora Press, 2004) Live CD also available. Book and CD available from the author.

For more than 25 years, Tante Tina has been regaling us with tales of her wayward family, Russian and Mennonite history, global politics, city girls and the celebration of Christmas. Her children and grandchildren have occasionally a word managed to get in edgewise, even. Here for the first time, are the complete Tante Tina laments, blues and celebrations, with many poems never before published in book form, and recipes for those comforting, delicious Mennonite foods “with consequences” (no sugar or fat substitutes here!). Read, weep, laugh, eat. This is the promised land.

IMG_0557The Fat Lady Struck Dumb (Brick Books, 2001)

On the day that David Waltner-Toews’ young daughter Rebecca gave “Mr. Fluff, that venerable stuffed dog” to her older brother, the poet learned a lesson in community building — to get what you really want you must give it away and then share it back.

There is nothing didactic about The Fat Lady Struck Dumb, though the book is packed with wisdom compacted of love for the planet and detailed knowledge of its ecosystems, including the stress they currently suffer. These are passionate poems of a committed citizen ardently testifying for the globe, his home and ours. One of his recurrent techniques is the catalogue in which layers of global being are rounded. Waltner-Toews is a scientist by education and occupation. He understands better than most our tenuous place in the web of being. His poems are organisms rooted in that knowledge, gifts of language bound to call out of his readers a passionate return in kind.

You can listen to David read “How The Earth Loves You” from Fat Lady Struck Dumb here.

IMG_0559The Impossible Uprooting  (McClelland & Stewart, Toronto, 1995)





Endangered SpeciesEndangered Species (Turnstone, 1988)
The poems in Endangered Species examine the human animal in a state of siege, from uncontrolled technology to the natural and universal process of aging. It is a siege met with grace and humour in meditative and often hilarious poems which never forget our shared humanity.




No cover image availableGood Housekeeping  (Turnstone, 1983)






The Earth is One BodyThe Earth is One Body  (Turnstone, 1979)






No cover image availableThat Inescapable Animal (PinchPenny, 1974)

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